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Psychiatric and Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

For over five years, the Solstice Clinic has provided compassionate and comprehensive outpatient treatment for patients in Los Angeles. Our personalized services include addiction treatment and therapy, psychiatric treatment for mental illness, child and adolescent treatment, as well as psychotherapy. Not every clinic provides the personalized, professional care that Solstice Clinic offers. We make sure our patients are treated with the time, respect, and attention they deserve.

Evening and Weekend Appointments Available

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Addiction Psychiatry and Substance Abuse Therapy

From cost-effective treatments to individualized plans, we have one goal in mind—to help patients improve their physical and mental health. We offer less intensive forms of care compared to Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). We provide higher structure and support than single psychiatry visits alone. By finding and resolving the deeper issues and traumatic experiences that have led to the addiction, we help patients continue their personal development journey.

We understand that managing addiction requires comprehensive treatment of the whole individual. Our team has a holistic approach to treatment that is tailored to the specific needs of each person. At Solstice Clinic, we aim to inspire patients to continue treatment for substance abuse, behavioral addictions, and general mental health. Through encouragement, proper therapy, and individualized treatment, we believe our services can make a profound impact for anyone in need.

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James Luzano, MD
James Luzano, MD
Akashdeep S. Gill, MD
Akashdeep S. Gill, MD
Nicholas Athanasiou, MD MB.
Nicholas Athanasiou, MD,MBA
Caroline Yu Martinez, R.N., PMHNP-BC, CARN
Caroline Yu Martinez, R.N., PMHNP-BC, CARN
Aruna Kodali, MD
Aruna Kodali, MD
Jennifer Leigh Romano (Jenna), Registered AMFT #85820, Registered APCC #2536
Jenna Romano Nieva, AMFT #85820, APCC #2536
Julie Markowitz, M.A.
Julie Markowitz, ASW, LMSW, MBA
Lianne Wong, M.A.
Lianne Wong