Psychotherapy and Other Services

Psychotherapy Services in Los Angeles

At Solstice Clinic, we value a holistic, collaborative approach to treatment and therapy. At our Los Angeles clinic, our therapists utilize a variety of techniques that are selected based on the individual’s unique needs. Whether via individual therapy, group therapy, or couples’ therapy, our therapists integrate approaches that take the whole individual into account. By offering insights and utilizing tools from a variety of different therapy perspectives—such as mindfulness, cognitive behavioral, trauma-focused, and psychodynamic therapy—our team ensures that the patients’ needs are effectively and compassionately addressed.

Solstice Clinic provides patients with a comprehensive treatment plan that is designed for their specific situation. Treatment does not occur in a vacuum and clinical collaboration between practitioners is essential for lasting change. The ability of our clinicians to coordinate care within the practice and with other providers enables us to offer an all-encompassing treatment plan. In addition to psychiatric and psychotherapy support, we offer acupuncture and massage therapy services in house to support clients seeking additional paths to wellness.

Cognitive Behavioral

As mental health and behavioral specialists, we provide therapy in a non-judgmental and structured setting for as many sessions as a patient might need. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, we help patients become more aware of negative thinking, so they can view challenging situations with rationale and respond more effectively to them.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy aims to help the patient understand the roots of emotional distress. Therapists will often work with the individual to achieve this by exploring their motives, needs, and defenses. Whether through cognitive behavioral or psychodynamic therapy, our goal is the same—to help patients connect their thoughts and behaviors so they can better understand their actions and responses.

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