Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment and Addiction Therapy in Los Angeles

At Solstice Clinic, we provide addiction treatment and therapy to patients at our office in Los Angeles. We specialize in providing medical treatments to help with many different types of addiction including alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs, love, sex, gambling, shopping, as well as online/internet addictions. Our goal is to provide quality treatment that supports personal growth and sustained recovery.

Addiction Specialists to Help Treat Addictions Immediately

Through several different approaches and treatments, our addiction specialists help patients through the messy and difficult steps of recovery. Whether it’s a substance abuse issue or a gambling problem, we individualize our approach to target each individual’s addiction(s). We provide routine drug and ETG alcohol testing, naltrexone/vivitrol to reduce or eliminate cravings, as well as other effective forms of addiction therapy.

When we evaluate someone, we take into consideration many different variables. We don’t focus on the addiction alone—we also consider the social circumstances, support systems, and motivations for change. After an hour to an hour and a half evaluation, we take our medical expertise and provide our patients with an individualized plan that combines these factors. We work with each individual in a judgement-free environment and treat them with compassion.

Outpatient Detoxification Treatment

Based on which substances an individual has used, there may be withdrawal periods that can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. Many times, detoxification from substances can be safely done on an outpatient basis. When appropriate, we design a treatment plan that includes prescribing medications to provide some comfort and schedule frequent follow-ups to monitor progress. This is often the first phase of a successful treatment.

Buprenorphine Induction and Maintenance

Buprenorphine can suppress the symptoms of opioid cravings and withdrawal—enabling the individual to engage in therapy, implement positive long-term changes, and develop new healthy behaviors for sustained addiction remission. Our licensed physicians can get the patient started on Buprenorphine and, in some cases, prescribe maintenance doses for their recovery. To learn more about our addiction treatment services, get in touch with us today.