Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment and Addiction Therapy in Los Angeles

At Solstice Clinic, we provide addiction treatment and therapy to patients in Los Angeles. We specialize in providing medical treatments designed to relieve alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction, street drug addiction, love, sex and relationship addiction, gambling addiction, shopping addiction, and online/internet addictions. Our goal is to provide quality therapy that encourages patients to cease addiction.

Addiction Specialists to Help Stop Addictions Immediately

Through several different programs and addiction treatments, our addiction specialists help patients through the messy and difficult steps of addiction. Whether it’s a substance abuse issue or a gambling problem, we have several different approaches that target each addiction individually. We provide drug and ETG alcohol testing regularly, naltrexone/vivitrol to reduce or eliminate cravings, and other forms of addiction therapy.

When we evaluate someone, we take into consideration a lot of different variables. We also focus on the addiction itself—rather on the social stresses, support systems, functioning, and motivations. After a 60 – 90 minute evaluation, we take our medical expertise and give patients an individualized plan that combines these factors. All addictions are unique. Therefore, one program might not work for everyone. We will work with you in a judgement-free environment and treat you with compassion. If you cannot meet in person, we can accommodate you by meeting via video call for a telepsychiatry appointment.

Outpatient Detoxification Treatment

Based on the substances individuals use, there can be withdrawal periods that can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. To avoid any harm to the patient, we set up a treatment to go through this process with ease. When appropriate and hospital detoxification is not necessary, we prescribe, plan, and follow up with patients closely. This is often the first phase of a successful treatment.

Buprenorphine Induction and Maintenance

We offer buprenorphine induction and maintenance as a medication used in the treatment of opioid addictions. This acts as a replacement for those medications, to better manage symptoms of withdrawal from those drugs. Buprenorphine treatment can also prevent cravings.

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